26 studios or collaborations, 28 projects, 
37 participants,  Including work by:
608 Design 
Shana Anderson 
Brothers Dressler 
Connie Chisholm Studio 
Kerry Croghan 
Heidi Earnshaw
Elsworthy Wang
Grant Heaps and John Webster
Bev Hisey
Angela Iarocci
Yvonne Ip
Claire Ironside and Doug Donald
Christine Lieu
Dylan McKinnon
Shaun Moore
Katherine Morley
Sarah Nasby
Propellor Design 
Orest Tataryn
Annie Tung and Brad Turner
Anneke vanBommel & Cameron MacLean
FELT Studio
Jason Wheeler
Melanie Zanker and Angie To
Also- a special installation in the MADE cooler by Jeremy Hatch Contact: madeathome@madedesign.ca
or 416.607.6384 for details January 27th to February 12th,2011 We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Sponsors: